500 to 600L Brewing System/Brewhouse/Brewery/Quality Brewing Equipment From China

500L Brewing System


Introducing our 500L Brewhouse:

Mash & Lauter Tun:

35% headspace for efficient brewing.
Milled false bottom with a minimal 0.7mm gap.
Convenient openable lid for easy access.
170-degree cone bottom.
Side spent grain outlet door with chute.
1.5” sparge arm inside the tank.
Top rotary CIP and bottom CIP with rinsing nozzles.
Strong LED lighting for optimal visibility.
Sturdy construction with 3mm inner tank, 2mm outer tank, and 1.5mm steam jacket.
Suitable for hot water to maintain temperature.
Brushed outer tank, 2B finish on the inner tank, and ribbon polish for welded areas.
Kettle & Whirlpool Tank:

35% headspace for effective boiling and whirlpooling.
Cone head with a glass manway.
170-degree bottom for efficient heat transfer.
Top rotary CIP for easy cleaning.
Powerful LED lighting for a well-lit workspace.
Whirlpool inlet for precise wort movement.
Robust construction with 3mm inner tank, 2mm outer tank.
Electricity heating method.
Brushed outer tank, 2B finish inside, and welded areas polished to perfection.
Sanitary condensate vent pipe (fire burner not included).
Accessories Include:

Platform for elevated access.
Brewhouse process piping for seamless operation.
Heat Exchanger for rapid wort cooling.
Wort aeration assembly for oxygenation.
Liquor blending station for precise mixing.
Grist Hydrator for efficient grain incorporation.
Manual controls and manual s/s butterfly valves for hands-on operation.
Flowmeter (optional) and temperature sensors for accurate monitoring.
Control Panel:

Choose between button-style or PLC touch screen control.
Electrical parts certified with CE or UL standards.
Semi-Auto or Automatic control options with pneumatic valves for your convenience.
Brewhouse Layout Size:

Approximately 3.7m x 2.3m.
Our brewhouse range covers from 2BBL to 30BBL, offering standard features including Mash & Lauter tun, Kettle & Whirlpool tun, work desk, heat exchanger, wort pumps, Hot liquor tank, Cold liquor tank, and more. We can also provide additional systems such as Milling, Chiller, Filling, and Canning, as well as beer kegs, to support your brewery’s unique needs.

Located in Ningbo, a hub of top-quality brewing equipment production, our brewing systems, fermenters, bright tanks, and other brewing equipment are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring they stand up favorably in the professional brewing equipment market.

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