1,000L electricity Brewhouse/Brewing system for sale

1,000L 2 vessel Brewhouse


1 Unit –  1,000 Insulated Mash/Lauter Tun

Our Mash & Lauter Tun boasts a generous of at least 40% headspace, empowering you to optimize your brewhouse operations with remarkable efficiency. SUS304 Insulated Lauter Tun with dimple jacket, able to maintain temperature with hot water. Vessel interior 2B finish with passivation.  Outer exterior are #4 brushed finish. Vessel bottom and cylindrical sides are insulated with a minimum of 80mm of high heat, PU insulation, open able lid. Solid Rectangular 19”x23” side manway allows for easy access and grain out portage.

SUS304 milled Screens, 0.7mm constructed in 3 sections and firmly affixed to vessel floor, removable sections allow screen sections to be removed. 5 wort draw off concentric ports provides even runoff for Lauter and Vorlauff.

Grist Hydrator Assembly is top-mounted with post hot/cold liquor mixing station for consistent grist hydration of the Mash.

Under Screen CIP System with sprayer head assemblies allow the bottom of the Lauter screens and vessel dish bottom to be cleaned in place.

RTD Mash Temperature sensor for monitoring internal mash temperature inserts into welded Thermowell on vessel sidewall. Removable from the vessel’s exterior in event of probe failure, even while the vessel is full.

Sparge Assembly and Hot/Cold mixing spool with manual globe valves to allow both hot and cold liquor to be blended in route to Mash Tun or Sparge ring assembly.

CIP Tank Spray ball has spinner spray heads and under screen CIP system.

Adjustable Footpads ball on plates, allow for leveling of the vessel on sloped floors.

1 Unit – 1,000L Brew Kettle/Whirlpool

1,000L Electrically Heated SUS304 Kettle & Whirlpool Tank with at least 40% head space. This tank is designed for precision brewing. It features an electricity heating system for efficient temperature control. The glass top manway provides easy access for inspections.

To maintain accurate process control, it’s equipped with a Kettle Temperature RTD sensor. A Wort Dam prevents trub from entering the plate heat exchanger during cast-out to the fermentation cellar. A 2” filter also installed before heat exchanger.

For seamless operations, it includes a Wort Pump with variable speed control. The tank also boasts a well-designed whirlpool with an integrated tangential inlet for creating the perfect whirlpool formation.

The tank is equipped with a Light Assembly for interior illumination, making it easy to monitor the brewing process. Cleaning is made efficient with the CIP Tank Spray ball CIP spray head assembly.

1 Unit UL-Listed Integrated Control Panel (Designed for the North American Market)

Our brewhouse control panel is tailored for the North American market and is UL-Listed for quality assurance. It offers user-friendly control options, with both button-style and PLC touchscreen panels available.

Key features of the control panel include:

Wort Pump VFD Control: Precise control of the wort pump’s speed.

Kettle Element Control: Automatic temperature control with the ability to individually open and close the three kettle elements. It includes anti-dry heating protection, preventing the elements from turning on when the water level is too low, thus avoiding element damage.

HLT Pump VFD Control: Efficiently control the hot liquor tank pump’s speed.

MLT Temperature Maintenance: Hot water circulates through the mash/lauter tun jacket to maintain a consistent temperature automatically.

HLT Element Control: Automatic temperature control for the hot liquor tank, with individual control of the three elements and anti-dry heating protection.

Flow Meter Control: The flow meter regulates the volume of brewing water or hot water inside the mash/lauter tun. When it reaches the preset volume, the system will automatically stop the hot water pump or close the solenoid valve for brewing water. You also have the option to control the volume of mixing water entering the mash/lauter tun automatically.

1 Unit – Plate Heat Exchanger

Our 304 stainless steel 2-stage plate heat exchanger efficiently chills wort from 200°F to 68°F in just 30 minutes, with a 10bbl knockout capability. It’s built with stainless steel plates and a sturdy frame assembly.


A Wort Thermometer is installed at the PHE exit to ensure precise control of wort temperature. Additionally, the assembly includes an Aeration Stone Assembly, featuring 3-A certified Tee’s, a non-threaded sanitary sintered aeration stone, and a sanitary gas check valve with a sight glass.


1 Unit – Working Platform

Our 304 stainless steel staging platform is situated between the brewhouse vessels, providing a safe and accessible workspace. It features stainless non-slip grating, stairs, and handrails.

The 304 stainless steel frame assembly comes with mounted hard piping that is securely affixed. Adjustable levelers ensure a level platform, even on sloped floors.



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