2,500L Copper Still/Column Still/Distillery

2500L Still


This impressive 2500L distillery setup is a true marvel of craftsmanship. It comprises a 2500L still pot, featuring a unique 4-layer copper bubble plate Whiskey column, a substantial 16-layer copper bubble plate Vodka column, a dedicated Gin Basket column, and an essential condensate column. Moreover, it comes complete with a wine collection tank designed with three distinct compartments for separating heads, hearts, and tails.

What sets this distillery apart is its versatility. Equipped with 1 Gin basket column, 1 Copper column, and 1 Stainless Steel column, it offers unparalleled control over flavor profiles and proof. The individual plates within the 4-plate Copper Whiskey Column can be selectively opened or closed, allowing for precise adjustments. At the apex of the Whiskey Column, a Dephlegmator is thoughtfully integrated for proof control.

The 16″ (minimum diameter) Stainless Steel Vodka Column boasts an impressive 16 bubble plates and an additional Dephlegmator at the top, ensuring high-quality distillation. Whether you’re planning a stripping run or a vodka production, this distillery accommodates both seamlessly. Simply open or close the Plate Drain valves and the plates in the Copper Whiskey Column to bypass the Vodka Column, or vice versa.

Constructed from a blend of copper and 304 stainless steel, this distillery is engineered to maximize liquor aroma while optimizing production costs. It harnesses the unique qualities of purple copper and stainless steel, resulting in a remarkable and efficient distillation process.

Price based on EXW Factory basis.


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