2BBL Brewing system/brewhouse


2 Vessel Steam heating way 2BBL Brewhouse for sale

1 Unit – 2 BBL Insulated Mash/Lauter Tun

304ss Insulated Lauter Tun, Vessel interior 2b finish & passivation,exterior #4 brushed. Vessel bottom and cylindrical sides are insulated with 80mm of high heat,PU insulation, 16” glass top manway. Solid Rectangular 18” side manway allows for easy access and grain out portage.

304ss Screens false bottom, 0.7mm constructed in 3 sections and firmly affixed to vessel floor, removable sections allow screen sections to be removed. 5 wort draw off concentric ports provides even runoff for Lauter and Vorlauff.

Grist Hydrator Assembly is top-mounted with post hot/cold liquor mixing station for consistent grist hydration of the Mash.

Under Screen CIP System with sprayer head assemblies allow the bottom of the Lauter screens and vessel dish bottom to be cleaned in place.

RTD Mash Temperature sensor for monitoring internal mash temperature inserts into welded Thermowell on vessel sidewall. Removable from the vessel’s exterior in event of probe failure, even while the vessel is full.

Sparge Assembly and Hot/Cold mixing spool with manual globe valves to allow both hot and cold liquor to be blended in route to Mash Tun or Sparge ring assembly.

Flu Ventilation pipe to prevent vacuum formation and balance tank pressure for atmospheric equalization during mashing, filling, and emptying the vessel.

CIP Tank Spray ball has spinner spray heads and under screen CIP system.

Lauter Tun Manometer level gauges to monitor mash bed pressure differential.

Interior vessel Illumination, natural spectrum light mounted inside the vessel dome.

Adjustable Footpads ball on plates, allow for leveling of the vessel on sloped floors.

1 Unit – 2 BBL Brew Kettle/Whirlpool

304ss Steam Brew Kettle / Whirlpool. Glass top manway. Requires external venting to the outside and make up air per local codes.

Kettle Temperature RTD sensor for accurate process control.

Wort Dam to prevent trub from entering plate heat exchanger during cast out to fermentation cellar.

Wort Pump, with variable speed control.

Whirlpool with an integrated tangential inlet to create ideal whirlpool formation

Light Assembly for interior vessel illumination.

Condensation Ring prevents condensation from entering kettle.

CIP Tank Spray ball CIP spray head assembly.

1 Unit – UL-Listed Integrated Control Panel

Industrial Panel, 304ss, watertight case. Mounted on brewer’s platform Button style

Pump Controls and Variable Speed frequency drive for Mash Pump and on/off controls for Hot Liquor Pump.

Interior vessel Illumination natural spectrum light mounted inside the vessel dome.

Adjustable Footpads ball on plates, allow for leveling of the vessel on sloped floors.

1 Unit – Plate Heat Exchanger

304ss 2-Stage Plate Heat Exchanger for chilling 200°f Wort to 68°f with 10bbl/30minutes knockout capability. Stainless steel plates and frame assembly.

Wort Thermometer upon exit of PHE to accurately stabilize wort temperature.

Aeration Stone Assembly, including 3-A certified Tee’s, non-threaded sanitary sintered aeration stone, and sanitary gas check valve with sight glass.

1 Unit – Working Platform

304ss Staging Platform between Brewhouse Vessels with stainless non-slip grating, stairs, and handrails.

304ss Frame Assembly, with mounted hard piping firmly affixed.

Adjustable Levelers to provide a level platform regardless of floor slope.






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