About Us

Ningbo Brewing Machinery Equipment Co., known as Ningbo BME, was established in March 2016 by Mr. Yejun Ding and Mr. David Ding. With a rich background, Mr. Yejun Ding brings extensive experience from leading manufacturers in the industry. His remarkable engineering skills have given rise to our state-of-the-art polish machinery, spinning lathe, and weld flatting machinery.

On the other hand, David has years of expertise in international trading. In 2014, he ventured into the brewing industry, combining his father’s profound industry knowledge. After almost two years of dedicated effort, an opportune moment emerged in early 2016, leading us to establish our manufacturing facility swiftly.

Our primary focus encompasses a diverse range of brewing equipment, spanning from 3.5BBL up to 50BBL brewhouses, fermenters, bright beer tanks, and other brewing tanks, extending even up to 300BBL capacities. Beyond brewing tanks, our expertise extends to crafting distilling equipment. Our signature Copper Still boasts an innovative design, including a Still pot, Copper scotch-style column, Whiskey column, Vodka column, Gin Basket, and condenser. This comprehensive configuration empowers our customers to produce a wide array of spirits such as Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, and more.