300 Gallon Column Still/1000L Copper still/continuous column still


Introducing our 300-Gallon Still Model, a true masterpiece in the world of distillation. This exceptional still is jacketed and insulated, making it an ideal choice for your distillation needs. It is meticulously designed for steam heating and requires a Low-Pressure Steam Boiler for operation.

The still boiler boasts a 300-gallon effective volume, offering approximately 30% headspace for optimal performance. Crafted from high-quality sus304 stainless steel, it features an elegant copper dome and copper apple head, adding both functionality and aesthetics to your distillation process. Equipped with a Variable Speed Agitator, it ensures efficient mixing.

Included in this package is a 12” Whiskey Column, featuring four layers of red copper bubble plates that enhance distillation precision. The whiskey column also incorporates a Dephlegmator on a 4-plate offset design and four 4” sight glasses for clear monitoring. Each plate is equipped with a dedicated CIP spray ball for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For efficient condensation, a 12” Tube and Shell Condenser is provided, ensuring the smooth transition of vapor to liquid. The Stainless Parrot’s Beak is an essential component of this distillation system, adding both functionality and convenience.

Rest assured, this still comes with all the necessary valves and accessories, making it a comprehensive solution for your distillation needs. Elevate your distillation processes with our 300-Gallon Still Model – a true embodiment of quality, craftsmanship, and functionality.

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