5BBL Brewhouse/500L Brewery/Brewing system


Our 5bbl brewhouse is a versatile system designed with quality and flexibility in mind. It’s available in two configurations, both with the option of adding an HLT tank. You can choose to place the HLT either behind the MLT & KWT or by the side of the brewhouse.

Key Features:

Multi-Functional MLT: Our brewhouse features an MLT equipped with a rake & plow system. A milled false bottom, firmly affixed to the vessel floor, is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Efficient Lauter and Vorlauff: Five wort draw-off concentric ports ensure an even runoff during Lauter and Vorlauff processes.

Grist Hydration: The top-mounted Grist Hydrator Assembly, coupled with a post hot/cold liquor mixing station, guarantees consistent grist hydration for the Mash.

CIP System: An Under Screen CIP System with sprayer head assemblies allows for easy in-place cleaning of the Lauter screens and vessel dish bottom.

Tmperature Monitoring: An RTD Mash Temperature sensor, inserted into a welded Thermowell on the vessel sidewall, provides precise internal mash temperature monitoring.

Liquor Blending: The Sparge Assembly and Hot/Cold mixing spool, with manual globe valves, enable the blending of hot and cold liquor en route to the Mash Tun or Sparge ring assembly.

Advanced Controls: Our brewhouse features state-of-the-art touch-screen controls with remote-control capability. For cost-conscious options, button-style controls are also available.

Heating Versatility: You can choose from various heating methods, including insulated electrically-heated brew kettle, steam heating, and direct fire heating.

Custom Design: We can tailor the design to meet your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance:

All our tanks are constructed using high-quality SUS304 materials from reputable suppliers, and they undergo rigorous inspections upon arrival at our plant. The inner tank boasts a 2B finish with passivation, ensuring top-notch quality. Our control panel components are UL listed, meeting the highest USA standards.

Choose our 5bbl brewhouse for a reliable and flexible brewing solution.

For more details, please send a message to bme@ningbobme.com.


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