1bbl jacketed conical fermenter/unitank for sale

1BBL Jacketed & Insulated  Fermenter


1bbl jacketed conical fermenter/unitank

Pro Construction: SUS304,3 mm inner wall, 1.5 mm dimpled glycol jacket, 2 mm outer wall
Inner tank wall 2B finish & passivated, ribbon polished for welded places
Outer tank brushed 4# finish, 2” PU insulation
Lower cone and body glycol jacket,1/2” glycol NPT port
10” TC Lid cap, with 1.5” rotary CIP ball
1.5” Blow off tube and sanitary oil filled pressure gauge
1″ TC rotatable racking arm with TC connection, 1.5″ lower dump port
14.5 PSI PRV, 2×1.5” BFV, 1×1” BFV, 1xThermometer, 1x Carbon stone with ball valve & barb
Adjustable feet.

Contact BME@ningbobme.com for more details.




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