10BBL Bright Beer Tank/Beer Serving Tank

10BBL Bright Beer Tank


Jacketed, insulated, and made of high-quality SS304 stainless steel sourced from China’s top 3 manufacturers. The interior shell thickness is 3mm, and the exterior shell thickness is 2mm. They feature a 2B interior finish, passivation, and #4 polish for welded areas, with a #4 exterior finish.

Key features include a dish head and bottom, and a shadowless side manway, with silicone hose level. The tank has a gross volume of 1,360L (16% headspace), an outer diameter of 1,260mm (4’1″), and approximately 2.2 meters (8’3″) in height with 80mm (3.1″) PU insulation. Dual-zone cooling area with 3/4″ NPT inlet and outlet.
The tank also includes a CIP arm and spray ball, 3×1.5″ butterfly valves (BFV), 1×1.5″ Perlick sample valve, 1x pressure gauge (oil-filled style), and 1×14.5 psi PVRV.

Price based on EXW Factory basis.


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